ACNE! How To Make Your Money Stretch Over Winter!


You may have seen these brightly coloured knits popping up on popular fashion blogs, in magazines such as Vogue and on a few fashion tumblrs. They are the winters must have item, and they are from a brand named Acne.

The brand was founded in Stockholm in 1996, their ambition was to create and develop a lifestyle brand, through the production of desirable products. I for one agree with this statement and feel they have for filled it.

It is easy nowadays to pick up knitwear cheap and as a shopper you feel that you have made a bargain, but I assure you that you have not. In my opinion buying a jumper from Acne which ranges from £100-190, is far better then having a jumper that will not last me over the years, because its becomes frayed or the washing machine creates bobbles.

This is my number one top tip for stretching your money across this winter, instead of buying 3 jumpers, buy a couple of good standard jumpers that you do not need to throw away, but ones you can keep for next winter also.

You can purchase this knit on the link below:

These jumpers are fit for using in between seasons for example summer too autumn especially in England, where the summers a practically winter.
Acne has become one of my favourite brands for summer and winter, the leathers they make are up to an impeccable standard and the finish on their chelsea boots is amazing.

I would strongly advise you to hop onto their website which I have put a link too, below or go down to your nearest store. This is one brand that will continue too expand and conquer.

Acne. I Salute You.

Acne Fall 2012



  1. loving everything about this post. Everything

  2. Excellent, I appreciate when bloggers have a good point of view and help others regarding budgets and saving money..very nice blog!

  3. Great taste, I love acne and cos too!

  4. I wish i could afford a lot of acne...they are timeless!

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