NEW VIDEO- E3 Brothers 'Fine Girl'

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Another one of my favourite songs, that I cannot get out of my head 'Fine Girl' by E3 Brothers. The production of the video is excellent, directed by Liquid Lens Productions showing a great representation of Ghanian culture.
The three talented brothers all wore 'Kente'  a traditional Ghanian print on their shirts, which I felt was a really nice touch and very fashion forward as tribal was in for spring/summer 2012.

The video was shot in a great location, I love intimate videos and feel this is a prime example. The harmonies and vocals this group produces is beyond amazing and the greatest part is they wrote the song themselves. Which is very rare these days in the music industry.

Check out the video below and subscribe to their youtube channel, follow their twitter page for regular updates as this group is about to blow.

You heard it here first from The Fashion Formative headquarters.

We salute you E3 Brothers!

Ps- they are all good looking, bonus! ;)



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